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Corporate Company

Ersag Group of Companies is a corporate company that takes care to use natural materials in its products with an environmentally friendly approach since its establishment.

Network Marketing Sales

It produces household and cosmetic products and sells directly to our members through the Network Marketing System.


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When and for what purposes Ersağ Group of Companies was established.

History and Establishment

Ersag Company was established in Denizli, Turkey in 2006 with the vision of providing healthy and environmentally friendly products. The company, which was founded on a solid business ethic and sustainability principles, has adopted the mission of providing its customers with quality and innovative products with natural ingredients from the very beginning.

Since the early days of its establishment, Ersağ has aimed to become a pioneer in the sector by developing a wide range of products from household cleaning products to personal care products. The vision of the company is to improve the quality of life of the society in the fields of health and cleaning, to develop products compatible with nature and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in this process.

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Reasons for Preferring Natural Materials:

Ersağ's Environmentally Friendly Approach

The main reason behind Ersağ’s preference for natural materials in its production is its vision of a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. The company attaches importance to the production of its products that do not harm human health and the environment, using resources obtained from nature, both in terms of quality and ecological balance. In this way, Ersağ offers its consumers products prepared with pure and clean ingredients offered by nature.

Waste management, energy consumption and reduction of carbon footprint

Environmentally Friendly Production Processes

Ersağ adopts environmentally friendly production processes and pays attention to issues such as waste management, energy consumption and reduction of carbon footprint. The advanced technology applied in production facilities increases energy efficiency and reduces the amount of waste. Ersağ also contributes to environmental sustainability through recycling and reuse policies.